Our webshop was originally designed for customers in Denmark, so most of our product pages are in Danish. This means that our shipping costs are calculated for shipping within Denmark. Likewise the only payment card we accept from Danes is the Danish "dankort".

We have, however, on a number of occasions upon request exported wines. Export locations include: Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK, US and China.

If you are interested in buying our wines but live in a country outside Denmark, the procedure is as follows:

1. Send a request to info@vinentusiasten.dk listing the wines you are interested in and your exact address.
2. We'll send you a firm quote incl. shipping costs.
3. You send us an email confirming that you are interested.
4. We send you an invoice with bank transfer information.
5. You transfer the invoice amount to our bank account.
6. Upon receipt of the money we ship the wines to the delivery address you have indicated and we send you the Track&Trace info, so that you can follow the shipment.

Special situations:
A. If the shipping address is outside of the EU, we can normally export without Danish VAT. This means that your price will typically be 20% lower than those listed.
B. If the shipping address is within the EU AND you have a valid VAT-number, we can also export without Danish VAT.
C. If you live outside the EU BUT want to pick up the wines in Denmark, we will be able to refund the VAT when we receive the invoice stamped by the Danish customs office (e.g. at Copenhagen airport).
D. Some of our wines are marked BRUGTMOMS which is a special VAT condition. This means that we can only refund/reduce the invoice with a smaller VAT-amount. We'll inform you specifically for each item that you order which is marked BRUGTMOMS.
E. Special rules apply to Norwegians picking up wines here.